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We want to provide the opportunity to young players of getting the exposure they could not get at their current Academies/countries.

We know how difficult is to get noticed by professional teams and, more important, to have the opportunity to showcase yourself in front of their coaches.

That's why Ocacia Soccer PRO was created.


Foto Albacete Balompié SAD


Foto Albacete Balompié SAD

Through the years,  and with the help of our staff, formed by former professional soccer players and current professional coaches holding UEFA Pro licenses, we have created a network of contacts ranging from Amateur teams to the best professional teams in Spain.

Our weekly games will be designed to put you in front of several coaches & agents from this teams to showcase  your qualities in front of them, with the goal of getting an opportunity to play professional.

If you are currently playing in the United States at the college level, or you are in the process of finding a Scholarship but you are not getting what you were expecting, Ocacia Soccer PRO can help you as well. 

Thanks to our network of coaches in the different College Soccer leagues (NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA...) and by playing in Spain for one full season, training with UEFA Pro coaches almost every single day and playing games against different teams, you will be able to grow your game and show different coaches your potential to achieve a bigger scholarship (all games will be recorded).

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