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  • What is Ocacia Soccer?
    Ocacia Soccer is an all-in-one soccer agency that guides both players & coaches through the Spanish Soccer methodology.
  • Where does the Ocacia Soccer programs take place?
    Our Ocacia Soccer programs take place in Albacete (Spain).
  • Are the Ocacia Soccer programs open to all levels?
    Ocacia Soccer PRO teams are invite-only. you need to send a highlights video and your CV and our team will analyze if you have teh potential to be in this teams. Our Development program and the International Academy are open to all soccer levels.
  • Can I be part of one of the programs if I don't speak Spanish?
    Yes, you are able to be part of our programs if you don't speak Spanish. We currently have bilingual coaches in our Staff.
  • How are the teams arranged?
    Based on age and quality of each player.
  • How often are we going to compete?
    Minimmum of one game per week in front of potential scouts/agents (Ocacia Soccer PRO & International Academy).
  • Who are going to be my coaches?
    Our team of coaches is led by Tolo Ocaña - a UEFA PRO certifed coach and ex-professional soccer player in Spain including teams as Atlético de Madrid B, Albacete Balompié, Pontevedra...
  • Do I have a real chance to go Pro?
    Yes - but this will entirely depend on you. We will put all the necessary tools in place: playing games against amateur/professional teams, bring scouts & agents to the games... But you need to perform to be able to have an opportunity. (Ocacia Soccer PRO & International Academy programs)
  • What is included in the price?
    - Full Room & Board accomodation including 3 meals/day - Transportation to trainings/games - Ocacia Soccer and/or Albacete Balompié SAD training kit - Opportunity to showcase in front of scouts/agetns (Ocacia Soccer PRO & International Academy) - Opportunity to play against Amateur/professional teams (Ocacia Soccer PRO & International Academy) - Increase your network on contacts in Spain for future endeavors - Strength & nutrition plan - City Tour - Albacete Balompié SAD Stadium tour - Scouting & Analysis/methodology course (Ocacia Soccer Pro) - Final Evaluation
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