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College Scholarships

We understand that the struggle to combine your soccer career while studying your degree is not easy. However, America has a great college system that will let you combine both, your academic life and the sport you love.

Here, at Ocacia Soccer International, we commit to help you in the process to find the school that fits you with the best Scholarship possible. Scholarships are based on both athletic and academic abilities. Remember that in order to play the sport you love at a college level in America, you have to have basic Academic Education. 


In fact, injuries and other downturns can happen in life. That's why having the opportunity to get your degree at the same time you play, is something you should consider. You can play professionally after your college career is finished, but if not, you will be always ready to make an impact in the "outside world" with your college degree.

- Here is how the recruit process looks like:

1.pre -


We will analyze your profile and explain without any cost the different options you have when studying in the United States


We will guide you through all the steps needed in order to join an American university. Documentation, access examinations and other required steps


Mediation with different universities to find the most suitable option for each client. Sports, but also your academic record can help you to obtain a bigger scholarship


Once you have committed with a university, we will help you with all the documents you have to provide, and also with the sport organization & student visa applications

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